The Procrastinator, published by Jacobyte Books (AUS), November 2000; and by Poseidon (AUS), April 2006
Most Valuable Potential, published by Ninderry Press (AUS), October 2003
The Articulate Conception, published as The Umbilical Word by IP (AUS), June 2008; and by Exciting Press (CAN/US), December 2013
Kindling, published by Hachette (AUS/NZ), July 2010; by Global Group Holdings (Taiwan), March, 2011; and by Exciting Press (CAN/US), April 2013
Concentrate (Brothers Groth), published by TBG (AUS), April 2012
Are You Seeing Me?, published by Penguin Random House (AUS/NZ), August 2014; by Orca Book Publishers (CAN/US), August 2015; and by Pegasus (TUR), September 2017
Exchange of Heart, published by Penguin Random House (AUS/NZ), August 2017; released under the title Munro vs. the Coyote by Orca Book Publishers (CAN/US), October 2017
Infinite Blue (Brothers Groth), published by Orca Book Publishers (CAN/US), September 2018
Boy in the Blue Hammock, published by Nightwood Editions (CAN/US), April 2022

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