Infinite Blue

A girl. A boy. The water. IB Cover

Ashley Drummond is an elite swimmer. Clayton Sandalford is a talented artist. From the moment of their first meeting, they were destined to be together. Staying together, however, will test the limits of their love. A world-record swim, and the strange vision that accompanies it, raises questions about the couple’s connection.

Then a life-altering incident triggers a mystical change, which will demand that both of them let go in ways never imagined.

Infinite Blue is a contemporary fable about love and loss, flesh and water, the source of eternity, the lure of possibility and the belief that life is limitless when it’s immersed in legend.

“The (brothers) sustain the imagery beautifully…There is a lot to appreciate in this novel.”
– Quill & Quire

“The reason Infinite Blue feels important is that it occupies a space in YA literature not replete with other options… (The novel) feels new and fresh. It’s like coming up for air…Highly Recommended.
– CM Magazine

“Readers who enjoy magical realism will revel in Infinite Blue‘s mystical themes. The narrative benefits from strong descriptive passages.”
– Resource Links

“Achingly beautiful and (infinitely) heartbreaking. Clay and Ash’s connection filled me up from the very first page. I became their love and it left me with a wound that will not soon heal.”
– Sonali Dev, award-winning author of A Bollywood Affair

“I envy readers about to immerse themselves in Infinite Blue for the first time. The Groth brothers spin a tale as wondrous, surprising, mysterious, and magical as the ocean itself. The story of Ashley Drummond and Clayton Sandalford, two teens learning to release themselves to natural creative forces, is gorgeous and delightful and gets two enthusiastic thumbs-up from this water lover. Bravo!”
– Angie Abdou, bestselling author of The Bone Cage

2019 Selection, CCBC ‘Best Books’ (CAN)
2019 Selection, Halifax Libraries ‘Best Teen Canadian Books’ (CAN)

If you’re in North America, you can purchase Infinite Blue here.
If you’re in Australia, you can purchase here.

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