Need expert help with your creative writing?

Mentorship was the thing I found most beneficial as an emerging author and, now that I’ve emerged, I pass the benefits on to others. Having previously been a registered Writing Mentor with the Australian Society of Authors, I offer ms one-to-one tuition at very competitive rates:

$75 p/hour or $1400 for a 20 hour block

I provide advice through all means of communication, most notably face-to-face meetings if the author is local. Having been a teacher in my former life, my credo is questions over commands, facilitation over prescription. At all times my brief is positive honesty.

The Ten Page Sage

I also provide a one-off service called the ‘Ten Page Sage’.  For a straight-up fee of $100, send me ten pages of your work – whatever draft stage, whatever genre, whatever previous feedback – and I’ll read it and provide a one page mentorship appraisal, featuring your writing strengths and improvement questions for your consideration. 

For all mentorship enquiries, contact me at:

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