Boy in the Blue Hammock

Run! Run! Fass as you can!

In a time of isolation and scarcity, a regressive regime rules with absolute power, turning neighbour against neighbour, and crushing dissidence with deadly force. A microcosm of this monstrous time: the tiny Pacific Northwest town of Gilder.

In a house on the fringes of the decimated hamlet, Kasper – fifteen, intellectually disabled, limited ability to speak – has miraculously survived the slaying of his family. But alone, he is a fleeting miracle. Alone, he is on borrowed time. Alone, his yellow headphones and brown blanket and beloved copy of The Gingerbread Man are scant consolation. Alone, he is destined to die within the folds of the blue hammock hanging from his bedroom ceiling.

Kasper is not alone.

Tao – failed service dog turned family pet – has also survived the attack. And with the discovery of Boy, Tao understands he has a duty: guide the last living member of his pack out of the house and through the ravaged streets of Gilder to safety. The destination? The one refuge he can conceive of in a world gone mad.

Boy in the Blue Hammock is an epic tale of loss and loyalty, of dissent and destruction, of assumption and ableism. With a unique premise, powerful narrative and evocative prose, the novel poses one of the important questions of our time: when evil silences the people, who will protect those without a voice?

“This novel literally had me on the edge of my seat and reading through my fingers. It’s a bona fide page-turner, an electrifying thriller—but what’s really thrilling is Groth’s complete mastery of his material, his understanding of the human heart. Boy in the Blue Hammock is stunning.”
– Kylie Ladd, bestselling author of The Way Back

“A moving and suspenseful survival tale.”
– Allan Stratton, bestselling author of The Dogs

“Worthy of classic status…Groth’s writing is extraordinary, heart-eviscerating and gripping…”
– Lindsay Wincherauk, author of Driving in Reverse

“This brilliant work is both heart-wrenchingly tragic and heartwarming…(Groth) masterfully describes the chaos without being overly graphic…Readers looking for a quick-paced, uplifting, tear-jerker look no further than Boy in the Blue Hammock.”
– San Francisco Book Review

“Captures big themes, thoughts and emotions, and cruelties with a crisp and visceral quality. Many of the small, strung-together moments of Tao and Boy’s journey hold a poetic beauty.”
– BC Booklook

“Difficult to put down…it really shines, holding tight to the reader…”
– Winnipeg Free Press

“A masterpiece of a story.”
– Massy Books

“Highly Recommended.”
– Canadian Review of Materials

“Brilliant…Groth’s writing is spare and lean, heart-wrenching and evocative…An epic tale on par with McCarthy’s The Road.”
– Block Shop Books

2022 Selection, 49th Shelf ‘Most Anticipated’ (CAN)
2022 Selection, 49th Shelf ‘Editor’s Picks’ (CAN)
2022 Selection, Read Local BC ‘BC Books for BC Libraries’ (CAN)
2022 Selection, Block Shop Books ‘Staff Picks 2022’ (CAN)
2022 Selection, Okanagan College ‘Library Staff Picks’ (CAN)




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