The Procrastinator

The ProcrastinatorCan a man save himself by ending his life?

On the night of September 29th, Alistair Forge – football icon, wealthy businessman and hero to the three million people of Vanguard City – is going to jump off a bridge. It is not a spur of the moment decision; it is something he’s been scheming, planning, considering, building up to for five long years…five long years that followed The Mistake. And now it’s a done deal. With the help of the inner voices he calls Commitment, Drive and Focus, Alistair Forge will seek salvation from his life, forgiveness for his past and redemption for his soul. He will become the man he is supposed to be. He will live out his destiny. He will act before he thinks. He will plunge one hundred and seventy feet to his demise…

But the night of September 29th becomes the early morning of September 30th. Alistair is still high and dry and suicide isn’t as easy as he thought. The distractions seem endless. His stomach says no when the voices say yes. A salesman with car trouble and a cagey attitude enlists his reluctant assistance. A former TV star turned derelict guardian angel takes up the mission to talk him down. An unnamed jogger and his dog end their lives in the manner he covets. The spectre of his father’s lesson for success hovers over him like a pall of smoke. And worst of all, the wife, the cops, the media and half the city descend upon the bridge to see if their hero still has what it takes.

Satirical and stunning, The Procrastinator is a contemporary tragicomic fable that examines the nature of heroism, the search for salvation, and the weight of expectation. It’s a novel that won’t be put off until another time.

“Darren Groth is a remarkable writer.”
– Sue Gough, award-winning author of ‘The Nether Regions’

“Darren Groth’s dark wit is a well honed and worthy read.”
– Sharp Writers’ Review

“A roller coaster ride of a story…”
– World Scribes Review

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