The Articulate Conception

Life is a series of ‘but’s…AC

Adam O’Doherty’s entered his tenth year of passionless teaching, but his dream of becoming a bestselling author looks set for take-off. He and wife Maddy have endured a ‘History’ of three failed pregnancies, but the latest one is doctor-free and different. He’s kept their tragic past hidden from the desperate grandparents, deranged friends and discursive workmates surrounding, but he suspects sharing knowledge of the present might secure their future. The world at large is grappling with uncertainty and fear, but he senses his own existence is working to a master plan.

There is no doubt – Destiny is on the doorstep.

But it hasn’t yet come inside.

Impatient for change and seeking to fashion some control over his circumstances, Adam, on Maddy’s recommendation, writes an e-mail to his unborn child. When a reply arrives from a receptive and inquisitive ‘B’, Adam views the miracle as further confirmation that he’s on the right track. And over a period of five months, through the humour, trauma and triumph of pregnancy revelation, hospital admission and literary redemption, the correspondence continues, reliable and rewarding. Then at Week 29, B stops responding and all ’Buts’ are off.

Has the bond been corrupted? Has the unconscionable occurred? Has ‘History’ repeated itself?

Adam begins to understand that, despite your best efforts to gain control over your life, the masterplan may not be the one you envisaged.

Originally a 2008 paperback titled The Umbilical Word, The Articulate Conception is a unique contemporary fable about chasing dreams, confronting loss and discovering what’s most important in life. It’s the contact every parent-to-be would wish for and the lesson no parent-to-be could do without.

“A fresh story full of warmth and humour, (it) will charm its way into your heart…”
– Rebecca Sparrow, award-winning author of ‘The Girl Most Likely’

“A very funny read…(a) book that is sure to appeal…”
– Parenting Express

“…Brings a refreshing male perspective to a subject men don’t necessarily think about…”
– Brisbane Times

The Articulate Conception
in Kindle format is available in North America – buy the US version here and the CAN version here.

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