Delta Life Skills Society

My twelve year old Autism-diagnosed son, Jared, is participating in the Delta Life Skills ‘Summer Fun Program’ this year. Summer Fun is a unique six week initiative that enhances the social experiences for 50-60 children and young adults with special challenges and their families, and provides the opportunity to learn a broad range of basic life skills integral to a quality of life which they otherwise may not have had. It costs around $4,500 per child to run Summer Fun – parents are only required to pay $1,000 of that amount. The remainder of the money comes from fundraising, and goes entirely to running the program and providing one-to-one support for every participant.

The first fundraising opportunity this year is a Masters Golf Pool.

Run by the Rotary Club of Tsawwassen, the Summer Fun kids receive 50% of Pool sales up to 49 entries and once reaching 50 entries, 2/3’s of the revenue.

Here’s how to enter the Masters Pool: