Fireproof Garage #12 – Made From Coke Cans and Bud Light Bottles

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Fireproof Garage #8 – My Guts Are All Over This Manuscript

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Fireproof Garage


‘Infinite Blue’ – A Tasty Morsel

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Hankering to chew on the Brothers Groth’s newest scribblings?  Of course you are.  Here’s a special draft excerpt of the delicious young adult work soon to do the publishing rounds:

Skye lay stretched out, the warm bath enfolding her like a bandage. The tub was her place of reflection. She would submerge in its emollient cloak when she needed to slow down, breathe, cleanse the mind and make a little more sense of the world. Oftentimes – always the most important times – her grandmother, Tuula, would provide a sounding board for her meditations. Such was the circumstance today. The seventy-three year old “firebreather” (as Skye’s grandfather had affectionately dubbed her) sat cross-legged on the wooden lid of the toilet seat. In her left hand was the ever-present lit cigarette. She held it close to the slipstream of air being sucked up into the ceiling by the exhaust fan, and away from the aged and highly flammable shower curtain stretched across the moderate length of the tub.

“He’s going away,” said Skye, squeezing a washcloth over her neck.


You Need To Concentrate

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Yes.  You do.

So, purchase the acclaimed Aussie YA novel from here.  It’s only $3.99.  It will do wonders for your book smarts.

And, as an added little bonus, why not get some insight into the collaborative process of the Brothers Groth via the younger BG, Simon.  Here’s a snippet:

We have tried collaboration before a few times. We tried taking alternate chapters. We tried taking on different characters. Nothing really worked and I consigned the whole endeavour to the ‘revisit one of these days’ file. Little did I know Darren was hatching his own variation on the concept.

What we eventually hit on was taking alternate drafts. The result was similar to writer-editor only with the editor taking a far more active role adding character layers and additional narrative. Our model was less ’50 per cent text each’ and something more like what Joel and Ethan Coen do: share the writing credits where one or the other might take the lead on any individual project. Seems to work well for them. Why not us? We are already brothers after all.

Catch the rest of it at Simon’s fine online home.

Release The Freak

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The North American Kindle edition of the acclaimed Brothers Groth novel Concentrate – titled The Focus and the Freak – is now available.

Quality young adult/crossover writing for the price of a cup of coffee…What reader could ask for more?

‘Infinite Blue’ – The Teaser

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The Brothers Groth – Simon and Yours Truly – had an auspicious start to their collaboration with novel, Concentrate, being shortlisted in the 2009 Text Prize (although it still has yet to be contracted by a publisher…WTF).

The draft of the second B-Gro work, Infinite Blue, is underway and promises more YA lit of the highest order.  Here’s a blurb:

Infinite Blue

The Brothers Groth

Skye Sandalford’s boyfriend, Clayton Drummond, is earmarked for greatness.  Nineteen years old and propelled by size eighteen feet, he is the prototype of a swimming prodigy.  But his destiny won’t only be defined by world records.  Powered by ‘Team Drum’ – comprising career-plotting mother, Blythe, God-fearing father, Len, and an entourage of consultants – this good looking, articulate Aussie dubbed ‘Wake’ can transcend the boundaries of sport and fire the imagination of a world in search of heroes.