Australian Bookseller & Publisher mag, in their July issue, have posted a five-star rating and review of Kindling.  Here’s a sample of the good lovin’:

“Darren Groth has been around for a while as an author but it has been hard to track down his books. This is a shame because his latest novel, Kindling, is an absolute stunner.

Groth’s strength is his ability to switch seamlessly between father and son, with each character voice coming across as authentic and utterly truthful…He has a superb sense of pace and timing.

This is a book you could put into the hands of anyone over the age of 15.  But I think the publishers have missed an opportunity with this one. They should be selling it with a free box of tissues.”

The July issue of AB&P is available at newsagents and via subscription.  An online version of the July issue will be available next month on the AB&P website.  Kindling, of course, hits the shelves July 1.