Want to know what a big-time publisher’s job entails?  Want some tips on making it in the writing biz?

My publisher at Hachette, Vanessa Radnidge, was recently interviewed by “Australia’s leading independent site dedicated to literary free thinking” – The Australian Literature Review.  As well as re-iterating her love for Kindling (thanks, V :)), she has some useful advice for those of you out there with big, booky-type dreams.

Here’s a snippet…

What is the most important piece of advice you would like to give for people writing their first novel-length manuscript for National Novel Writing Month in November?

Polish, perfect, proofread.  And remember it takes a lot to write a novel, to lock yourself away and remove yourself from family and friends, so celebrate every step. It is an achievement to create a story, so be proud. You don’t know how it will be received or if it will be published but in that moment between finishing your story and sharing it with someone else, sit back and appreciate that no matter what happens you have achieved what you set out to do. That is a big thing.