My hometown’s literary soiree – the Brisbane Writers Festival – has rolled around once more.  It’s been five years since my move to Canada and, hence, five years since I was a part of this most excellent authorly gabfest.  I’m a little sad about that.  But rather than wallow in self-flagellation, I’ve decided to hold my own festival here in my Vancouver townhouse.

Welcome to the ‘Exiled Brisbane Writer’s Festival’!

Featuring the tag-line of ‘Let The Pages Take You…Where?’, my jam-packed, week-long program will be shot on home-video and available for your viewing pleasure at  The bevy of highlights includes:

– A tour of my bookshelves

A reading from my 2010 novel, Kindling, whilst my ten year old son plays ‘MegaJump’ on an iPad

– A debate with my ten year old daughter on ‘Who’s a better writer: Darren Groth or Geronimo Stilton?’

– A one-on-one with my beautiful wife on the ideosyncrasies of being married to and living with a writer

– A begging session with my work-mate that she should do Kindling for her book club

First fest video clip hits cyberspace September 1…