Plastic Surgery

With the imminent Exciting Press publication of my 2008 work, The Umbilical Word, I’ve decided the novel needs some cosmetic surgery. Nothing too drastic. No collagen in the prose or liposuction of the plot. Just a small alteration to the face of the book.

A title-job.

But rather than entrust this delicate operation to my own shaky-handed devices, I’m entrusting it to an expert:


Who else other than an experienced reader is best qualified to propose a new title for my book? What’s that? Lots of other people, you say? Okay…That’s probably true. But it’s too late to turn back now. I’ve given you the scalpel and the anesthetic is already kicking in.

Here’s the deal: read this one page synopsis of ‘The Umbilical Word’, mull it over, jot down a title you think best sums up the story, then throw it my way. You can send it to me via Facebook, Twitter (#UWNewTitle) or here on the ‘Comments’ of this post. If your title is the best of the bunch (as judged by my beautiful wife), it will take centre stage on the published book’s cover.

So, get carving. Er, cracking.